The package view gather all the packages installed on your Red Sqirl instance.

Packages are groups of actions that are used to perform specific processes on Red Sqirl. They generally run on the same platform e.g. Pig, Hive.


Two scopes of package installation exist

The user scope packages overwrite system ones when there is a conflict. For example if Red Sqirl Pig version 1 is installed on the System scope and the user 'john' has installed version 2 on its user scope. Version 1 will be used for every user but 'john' who will use version 2.


In order to install system packages, you need to be an administrator and therefore be in the according setting. To install user packages, the user package setting should be set to true.

If your web server can reach the Analytics Store, you can easily install a new functionality.

  1. Click Install either in the System scope column or User Scope column
  2. Sign In with your Analytics Store credentials, if you do not have an account, you can create one on the spot
  3. Find the package you would like to install
  4. Click install
  5. Sign out and back in


A package may comes with its own settings. You could access to them through this view. Settings can also have two scopes, those scope are independent from the scope of the package. Similarly, user scope overwrite system scope. If you want to know more about settings please refer to the setting page.