Download &
Install Red Sqirl

I have a Hadoop cluster and want to download and install Red Sqirl.

Try Red Sqirl

I don't have access to a Hadoop cluster but still want to try Red Sqirl on my computer using Docker.

User Guide

Our user guide will give you all the information you need to understand each section of the Red Sqirl interface. Also, where to find answers to any questions you may have.


Our written and video tutorials will help you get started with Red Sqirl.

Administration Guide

All the information you will need as an administrator of Red Sqirl can be found here.

Package Management

For information on how to add new packages to your Red Sqirl environment or to upload a package you have created, you can visit our package management section here.

Package Development

The package development section will outline everything you need to know about packages and how to use them. You'll find tutorials, both basic and advanced, information about what is in a package and everything you need to know about creating your own packages.

Framework javadoc

This section links to the Red Sqirl Javadoc.


This section will show you screenshots of Red Sqirl, to give an understanding of the look and feel of the product.

Download Centre

To download the latest releases of Red Sqirl, visit our downloads page.