Try Red Sqirl

Red Sqirl is a web-based application, meaning that once you've installed Red Sqirl onto a Hadoop cluster you can simply perform all your data analytics activities in your browser using the intuitive drag and drop interface.

But not everybody has access to a Hadoop cluster. Docker gives you the ability to create virtual environments that can be downloaded, in order to try different software. So using Docker, we've created a virtual Hadoop environment with Red Sqirl already installed, you can simply follow the steps below to download and set it up on your own computer.

We recommend you have at least 8GB of RAM on your computer, in order to have the virtual Hadoop environment running smoothly.

Red Sqirl with Docker

Steps to set up the virtual Hadoop environment (Docker Image), with Red Sqirl already installed.

▸ 1. Install Docker

First, you'll need to download and install docker onto your computer, to do that please go to this page.

If you need to download Docker using Docker Toolbox, you'll need to allocate at least 2GB, but 4GB are recommended, to your Virtual Machine.

To do this, by default, docker installs 'VirtualBox' and uses the VM called "default". Open VirtualBox, right click on the Default VM > Settings. On the next window go to System > Motherboard and move the cursor of the base memory to 4GB (4096 MB). Click OK.

▸ 2. Set up the virtual Hadoop environment (Docker Image), with Red Sqirl already installed

Step 1: When you have Docker installed, simply open up your terminal and type in this Docker command:

docker pull redsqirl/cloudera

(We're recommending this Cloudera Hadoop distribution for your convenience. But, if you have a preference we also have Hortonworks and MapR, click here to choose one of those)

Step 2: Next, in the terminal, you'll now create the Docker image by typing in this command:

docker run --hostname=quickstart.cloudera --privileged=true
-t -i -p 8842:8842 redsqirl/cloudera

This may take a few minutes, when it's finished you'll see our Red Sqirl welcome message in the terminal.

▸ 3. Start using Red Sqirl

Step 1:
On Linux: If you have installed on Linux:

Open your browser and go to the url: http://local-host:8842/redsqirl

If you have installed on another system you'll just need to find your Docker IP address.

The Red Sqirl URL will look like this
http://< IP ADDRESS >:8842/redsqirl

To get the IP address:

On windows: Start your favourite shell (cmd.exe, PowerShell, or other) and type

docker-machine.exe ip default

On Mac: Start your favourite terminal and type

docker-machine ip default

Now that you have the IP address go you your browser and go to this URL: http://< IP ADDRESS >:8842/redsqirl

Step 2: Create a user account on Red Sqirl Analytics Store , confirm the registration through your email and sign in with your new credentials

Step 3: Do not install the default packages (Spark is not installed by default on a Cloudera cluster)

Step 4: Install just the Pig package

Step 5: Sign Out

Step 6: Now login with the OS username: redsqirl (password: redsqirl)

Congratulations! You now have Red Sqirl installed


Now that you have Red Sqirl installed, you can follow along with our video and written tutorials here